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We are the family that found iBalloon It Tampa! We are here to provide a quality of service to you and your family for your next exclusive day. We offer all things balloons for a statement piece at your celebration. We take pride in professional client care and provide superior designs you can't receive anywhere else. We offer the convenience of online booking and a one click inquiry form for custom orders. We diligently strive for your vision to come to life. Our favorite is creating memories for your remarkable milestones. The stories behind it all is what keeps us going. Let us be apart of your something special.


Wall Balloon Garland

The elegant décor you want at any event you host. This piece is a must as the main décor so the rest is effortless. Prices starting at $350 plus tax.

Balloon Wall

The balloon wall is a luxurious photo op to make sure everyone remembers your day. Book below Prices starting at $650 plus tax.

bAckdrop Balloon Garland

This is a must for your next event with whatever your celebrating. The backdrop brings out the theme and the balloons scream magnificence. This will have you hosting the party of the year for any occasion. Prices starting at $500.

Additional Services

Balloon Grab Bags

These are ideal for your DIY party. If you dread putting balloons together but really want them at your party these are for you. Prices starting at $75 plus tax for 6ft length.

Balloon Bouquet

These are life size surprise deliveries right to your front door. Completes your intimate celebration and parties to add to your theme. Prices starting at $75 plus tax.

Circle Balloon Garland

Popular item that gives your next celebration the style it needs. Having the circle arch will give your celebration an unforgettable experience with many photo memories. Prices starting at $400 plus tax.


My First Year Bundle

The elegant photo op for the milestone to celebrate. This bundle will include number one light up number, high chair, balloons, and one backdrop. Price is $600 plus tax.

Exclusive Birthday Bundle

The luxury photo op for photos of a lifetime, happy birthday sign and 3 dessert stands for your stunning cake/desserts. Up to 3 balloon colors. Price is $600 plus tax

All in One Bundle

Perfect backdrop for a photo op and dessert display for any celebration. Includes circle arch, half arch 3 color balloons, (1) light up number, dessert stands. Price is $500 plus tax.

Complete our inquiry form for other event decorations outside of bundles offered***

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Inquiry form

  • Where do you service?

Tampa, FL and surrounding (St. Pete, Riverview, Spring Hill, etc)

  • What services do you provide?

All things air filled balloon decor. We specialize in an organic style to give you an unique and modern experience

  • What does your pricing consist of?

Our prices include all material and rental cost, labor, set up/strike and mileage

  • Do you have a minimum price for installation?

For us to come out and install balloons we have a minimum price of $350

  • Can I use my own materials?

We don’t know the function or quality of the materials so we want to provide the best of what we know. Our main cost is labor and set up. Material cost is competitive with other places.

  • Are balloons cheap?

Yes, the balloon materials itself is cheap and competitors don't have them cheaper than us. We use quality brands and the average cost is still the same. The large sum of your price is our labor charge, installation charge, and rental cost.

  • Are we licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed, insured and can provide certificate of insurance for venue.


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